Don’t just take our word for it.

Choir really does enrich people’s lives and we have had many a testimonial letting us know just this. Here is just a selection of testimonials from quotes and letters collected over time from choir members about their experience of singing in the choir and their support of our conductors.

After all … who doesn’t like to know that they are in good hands?

Marijke Wester (Karinya)

“The choir has been good therapy for me. I love coming to choir and be engulfed in a community of caring ladies. No matter what your singing ability is, there is no judgement only encouragement. And when we get all the harmonies just right and the sound is soaring endorphins are released, giving you a wonderful feeling.

All this wouldn’t be possible if it was not for our outstanding choir director Kylie. Kylie teaches with such enthusiasm and dedication and is able to get the very best out of us. Her great sense of humor make the classes fun, we have lots of laughs. I am so glad to be part of this choir.”


Amanda Sully (Iluka)

Having only been in Iluka for one term all I can say is that it’s been a whirlwind of reawakening myself to the joy of singing (school choir is a distant memory), learning how to read music (still lots of room for improvement!), meeting a FABULOUS group of women and facing the fear of doing a flashmob (so much fun) and performing in a concert to boot! Honestly, I can’t recommend it highly enough. In fact have another friend who is joining next term as a result of my ravings about what fun it is. Thanks to all involved because you’ve created a lovely community that’s a joy to be part of.


Heather Ferguson (Karinya)

Karinya makes my heart sing! With Kylie as our inspiring and enthusiastic conductor and a varied and interesting repertoire, it is fun and enriching to share this with this great group.


Rhonda Macken (Senisuara)

When I arrive at choir on Wednesday evenings I am welcomed each time by a community whose warmth just shines. All judgment is left outside and we are all there just to sing, no matter what your voice is like.

And when we sing, especially songs that we know well, everyone is right there, singing her heart out. The buzz is almost touchable.

All the work is done for us by Anna, all we have to do is listen to and learn the songs (keeping the older brain a little younger) and just soak up the joy that she spreads. If we all sang and danced more we would have a more peaceful world. Come and join us, you’ll love it.”


Rhianna Keen (Senisuara)

“Singing in the choir provides a wonderful emotional outlet and offers complete break from everyday responsibilities. I have made some wonderful friends I may not otherwise have had the chance to meet. Overall, it has given me a new activity to look forward to every week and has generally made me a happier person.

Our choir leader Anna has infectious energy and enthusiasm and we have fun every week. We have created a friendly, welcoming community of women, which I am proud to be a part of.”

 Mei Lai (Alkira)

“When I first joined I was so worried about all sorts of things; whether I would remember the lyrics, could I sing, am I the odd one out etc.  Now I look forward to choir every week.  When I am there I forget about all worries.  Very therapeutic!”


  Belinda Duckworth (Alkira)

“Joining Alkira was one of the best things I did. Singing with a great bunch of women in a relaxed but stimulating atmosphere is so much fun. Singing really is food for the soul,  which is why everyone leaves with a smile on their face every Monday evening.”


Karen Jameyson (Senisuara)

Being part of this choir is like getting a blast of endorphins every week without having to go to a gym.  It’s a festival of musical delight, personal growth and social ecstasy. I love it.

Our choir seems to be a remarkable mixture of the ordinary and extraordinary.  Ordinary people who could be your neighbours (some of them ARE your neighbours!) coming together to create a sound that seems to be extraordinary.

Our director is astonishingly fresh, energetic, creative, and idea-filled, and all those qualities seem to rub off on us and infuse us with – I don’t know what, but something pretty darn good.


Liz McLaughlin (Karinya) 

Karinya is a good balance between singing simply for the joy of it and gently learning singing techniques to make progress.  I listen to the practice tapes during the week so I can make a contribution. It is a really warm and supportive gathering of amazing women. For me, singing together is heart-opening. I am uplifted by the talent in the room, and the tingly feeling when we all sing together.  It really feels like the whole is greater than the sum of each individual.  It is an honour to be led by Kylie who brings a depth of experience not normally available to a community choir, is so encouraging and delighted with us, and is having so much fun herself we can’t help but join in. I love it!”


Suzanne Burdon (Senisuara)

“Senisuara is what the world should be about. It is a privilege to be part of a group whose only agenda is to explore our musical creativity, in a warm and supportive environment.

Anna, our choirmaster, encourages everyone to push their limits, but is so non-judgmental and encouraging, that we all feel as if we soar. The magic of the moment when we bring a song together and it takes on a beautiful life of its own, is one of the best endorphin rushes in the world!

It is a truly warm community full of enthusiasm, goodwill and fun. Thank you Anna for making it happen!”

Feedback from choir members on performing:

Following are letters post performing with James Morrison, his band and Evelyn Duprai with over 200 women from 5 Hummingsong Choirs:

Dear Anna ,

I just wanted to say that was the most amazing experience.  You brought together 200 women and a fabulous group of musicians to create an exciting and memorable experience for all of us.  Thank you so much, with my love

Heather Donald (Senisuara)


Dear Anna,

I can’t express in words how much I enjoyed the entire process from the day you planted the seed to the final note sung last night.  I haven’t had that physical/ emotional response to singing or playing music for a long time that’s how I know it really meant something to me. As with the highs of the event come the lows  post event. It all feels a bit boring today! I have however rediscovered the radio in my car and have just had the most hilarious singing lesson with Tash singing dodgy eighties songs!!! I also told Tash the vote for best individual choir song in our household was definitely Chain of Fools.

Anyway enjoy the glory because you deserve it.

Thanks again it was fab what’s next!!!

 Alison Meades (Maribella)


Dear Anna,

Congratulations on a ripper of an event! I’ve been getting emails from people I didn’t even know were coming and all said what an exceptional time they had and how impressed they were with the choirs (ok maybe Jame’s playing and Evelyn’s singing too) but clearly they were surprised both by good we were and how fun we were! Credit to you my dear!

So yes I have  some things to say (use whatever you want on website) basically what I said in my wind up as MC.

THANK YOU for tossing aside with great abandon the cardigan and sensible shoe images the words “women’s choir” can generate; thank you for all the “wow this is so much fun “feelings singing with you and the other women on these zany, leap off the cliff, adventures of yours create ; and thank you for believing in us and our capabilities despite our grumbling and shaking of heads in the “are you nuts?!” type of ways so many of us have done at times.

You are an inspirational but also a wonderfully motivating teacher! Every time we start off saying “OMG we can’t” we end up saying “we can, we did and let’s do it again!”.

Love working with you, learning from you, singing with you and the other women you gather in your choirs, and seeing just how much we’ve grown musically and in friendships with each other BECAUSE OF YOU!

Will see you Thursday!


Susan Mozell (Maribella)


A miracle occurred in St Ives

  (Story written by choir member post concert)

The miracle started in the hands of Anna Humberstone, but its origins came from a higher, more ancient source. Anna is the director and founder of Hummingsong community choirs, that is five women’s accapella groups across northern suburbia in Sydney.

The first step to a successful miracle is collaboration. It helps to have the right people on board. The supernaturally charismatic Anna assembled an exceptional team of conductors, musicians, organisers and helpers. Three talented, vibrant, generous and female conductors joined the effort to bring ordinary women together and make them sing beautifully. They were true leaders, inspiring us with their energy and dedication to a passionate calling.

I’m not sure how she pulled off the coup of engaging the legendary James Morrison, jazz band and stunning singer Evelyn Duprai to perform with us. It was all for a good cause; the Delvena Women’s Refuge for families escaping from domestic violence. They would bring the crowds in and provide an incredible music experience for us.

When human beings get together en masse to create something of beauty and value and to help those in need, it seems like the Divine steps in with the kind of energy that can heal the sick and free the oppressed from persecution.

The day before the concert I was exhausted with flu. Children recovering from sickness, work deadlines looming and a house approaching absolute squalor.  I read the email and was appalled to discover Anna wanted us at rehearsal the whole day, from 11.30am. Was she kidding? My aunt, who was visiting from Washington, kindly suggested I should stay home and rest. My husband, even more kindly offered to clear his schedule and take the kids.

Strangely the flu never affected my throat. I could still sing. And by the end of the evening I felt totally healthy and alive. I spent the day singing, being ushered on and off stage and passing the time chatting to a whole lot of lovely people. Being part of a choir is very humbling.  We are part of a crowd and the only responsibility is following instructions.  No one can really hear my individual voice, so I don’t feel anxious. It’s about listening to each other and creating a group sound with a different, more majestic kind of beauty.

Needless to say the sound created was fabulous, the energy and endorphins up on stage were infectious. Even more so because they are non-auditioned open choirs, literally anyone can join. Listening to James, Evelyn and the jazz band was an amazing treat and actually singing with them was one of the best musical experiences I’ve had. The rehearsal day and concert was my induction into a wonderful community of women.

Time for the raffle draw. I had left my tickets at home and really just intended to buy them myself anyway. I just wanted to hand over the money but the ticket lady kept insisting that I should get new tickets and write my name on them, which I did. I walked away with another small share of the evening’s miracle – a yoga and kayaking course and tickets to a Tennesee Williams play.

200 people were privileged to participate in a miracle and more than 1000 got to witness it in St Ives on Sunday. Over $25 000 was raised for the women’s refuge and I was excited to hear they will be developing an art therapy programme for these women. That’s where we are hoping the greatest benefits of this miracle will be felt.

Sonia Kumar (Senisuara)

Hiya Anna,

Thanks for a wonderful concert last night. It was absolutely fabulous and a real buzz and joy.

Thank you so much for the opportunities the choir brings!  I love the songs, the opportunity to sing, the happiness, inspiration and soulfulness it provides!  Thank you and for being such an inspiring , professional, enlivening and amazing choir leader!

Thank you.

Jennifer Saville (Maribella)


Hi Anna,

It was a great night.  Although it’s my first term with Karinya it was a mighty journey and at times I felt I would not make it!

Despite a few flat notes, forgetting my part, singing another part, everyone was very supportive and I really appreciated the help I received from Kylie and the other members of Karinya in getting it sorted just in time!!!

Elaine L (Karinya)

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