Performance Opportunities

Hummingsong Performance Manifesto

The singers in our choir have a variety of musical demands. For many, the weekly rehearsal is their focal point – a chance to relax, sing, and socialise. Regular performance opportunities give our rehearsals focus and our singers a chance to share their achievements and joy with their friends and families. Performance opportunities are also an opportunity to raise money for our favourite charities.

Just as our singers have different musical demands, they have different ambitions for our performances. To reflect this, and provide something for every person in the choir, we have a range of very different performance opportunities each year – approximately one each term. Speaking broadly, these can be categorised as:

1. Informal. These are often held at our rehearsal venue, but in the past we have organised special venues such as churches or RSLs. Friends and family are invited, and we may organise a bake, or even book dinner and drinks. Families have even been known to join us on the stage, small groups have formed to perform, and we end with a big singalong!

In their early years, choirs often give two informal concerts.

2. Community. We try to get out into our local community and perform at markets, fairs, festivals and similar events.

In August 2015 we performed at Hornsby RSL for the Lions Club of Hornsby inc at a fundraising event in aid of the Ku-ring-gai Women’s Shelter.

However, we do not perform at Eisteddfods, preferring to keep the purpose of our performances to have fun, not to win prizes and “beat” other choirs!

3. Professional collaboration. In 2016 we workshopped and performed with Darren Percival (The Voice). In the past our choirs have collaborated with James Morrison, B’tutta Percussion, Moira Smiley & VOCO, Lilac and The Idea of North. These concerts often involve extra workshops or rehearsals to get the most out of the experience, a large performance venue, and open invitation to the public to join us for a huge concert and fundraising event for our preferred charity Women’s Community Shelters.

4. Events. In 2017 we have had a series of intimate concerts performed by our choirs.  Our larger, Spring concert was held at the Congress Hall in Elizabeth Street.

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