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About our music

Whatever kind of music you like, you’ll probably experience it in a Hummingsong Choir. Drawing from a wide range of styles, across the centuries, from rennaissance to soul and pop classics, through African spirituals to jazz standards. – there will be something for everyone.

Much of Hummingsong repertoire has been specially arranged or commissioned for the choir by our team and talented adventurous choir members giving us some unique music to perform.

Our music resources

Members are given access to practice tracks of their music and sheet music. Recordings are incredibly helpful for learning the repertoire aurally.  They have the option of listening to:

  • all the vocal parts of a piece together as it would sound or
  • just their own vocal part with the other parts softly in the background.

Many members have commented that this is one of the big attractions to singing in our choir because they don’t have to be able to read music!

Examples of practice tracks our members learn from:

Below is just a selection of a few pieces in our repertoire to give you an idea of some of the styles of music we cover. There are plenty more not here! This is not the the choir performing but the rehearsal tracks provided with one voice on each part. 

Samples of all parts together practice tracks

Samples of individual parts practice tracks

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